GlassHUB is playing a major role in RegTech Industry through revolutionizing supply chain compliance.

$1.7T the total cost of supply chain non-compliance per year globally.

$182M Is the average annual cost of supply chain disruption to each organization.

$12M The average cost of supply chain non-compliance for a large company per year. (Deloitte)

-1 to 5%; The range cost of non-compliance from company's revenue.

2nd largest of incident source after human element caused by third party.

11% lOnly of organizations currently monitor supplier risks on a continuous basis.

Product Features


The third party has the ability to getting multiple quotes by audit firms and facilitating payment along with conducting compliance audit in an automated manner.

Real-time data analysis

Visualized dashboard and reporting to show compliance audit journey up-to certification.

360-degree Visibility

Gives organization’s an enriched information about their registered suppliers, audit firms and freelancers.

Mutual rating

Every party giving rating toward other (supplier, audit firm and freelancer) that will increase efficiency, productivity, and quality.

On-the-spot performance

Pre-defined key performance metric for audit firms who are connected with organization’s account.


Ability to integrate -soon- with the majority of ERP systems (E.g. SAP, Oracle, … etc.).

Product Value

ZERO Costing Fee

Our mission mandates to participate supporting enterprises and compliance issuers to manage their third-party compliance status and certification.

Industry agnostic

Adopted for any inter(national) compliance framework across all industries and verticals, including cybersecurity, finance, telecom, healthcare & critical infrastructure.

National cloud hosting

For data sovereignty, the platform hosted within services provider located within Saudi Arabia.

Local Product

For being a part of ambitious vision 2030 contribution and participation to increase GDP by developing local product to enrich local content.

Quotation and Payment Automation

Receiving multiple quotes from audit firms and facilitating payment along with conducting compliance audit in an automated manner.

Job Creation

Engaging the community to do such specialized compliance audits is a key success factor. Thus, adopted freelancers to do so.

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